The Veracity Field Services Commitment to Exceptional Team Safety Performance

At Veracity Field Services, we consider the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the public to be as important as productivity, profitability, and product and service quality. 

It is our philosophy that safety performance is a key indication of organizational excellence, therefore, safety is incorporated into our everyday business process. 

The overall success of this business depends upon the individual’s personal commitment to safety. The best way for a teammate to achieve this commitment is by utilizing company resources to hone  their knowledge and skills to promote the well-being of themselves, their coworkers and the best business practices of Veracity Field Services. 

We must strive to prevent all accidents and undesirable events through the active participation of each and every employee, partner and stake-holder.

Veracity Field Services subscribes to the following disciplines of business execution as our foundation for maintaining an injury free work environment:

Goal: No Accidents

  • Always maintain that every job must be completed safely without injury or incident

Leading Indicators: 

  • Have a good plan 
  • Understand the hazards
  • Stop Work when something is not right or doesn’t feel right

Measure Performance:

  • Measure the performance of every team player
  • Communicate Key Performance Indicators back to the team
  • Motivate team members through risk and reward


  • Team members must hold each other accountable for producing results, regardless of the challenges. Without accountability the goal is unachievable.

At Veracity Field Services we will give our team clear direction, the right tools, ample training, and positive motivation as a means to foster predictable results with exceptional moral and low team attrition. It is of the highest importance we empower the team to achieve their very best.

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Nathan Tuckfield

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